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4th November 2016

Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce the release today of 'Given The Impossible', the new album from London-based progressive rock quintet The Far Meadow.

The Far Meadow is the product of several previous collaborations, combining influences from bands past and genres from metal to jazz with a healthy dose of innovation that has produced a distinctive, free-flowing sound. This new album – the first with the current lineup - is a full-blooded expression of this sound, developing many years of musical experience and experimentation into one harmonious whole that encapsulates the intensity of their explosive live performances.

The album is available on CD and digitally from the Bad Elephant Music web store.

October 2016

We are pleased to share the following announcement from BEM:

'It's happening again! After the success of An Evening of Bad Elephant Music in February we're delighted to announcement the return of the pachyderm to Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park, London, on Saturday 25th February 2017! 

Three bands from the BEM family will be performing - THE RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE, THE FAR MEADOW, and KONCHORDAT. 

The Rube Goldberg Machine will present songs from their acclaimed debut album 'Fragile Times' with a new lineup, led by Daniel Bowles - now taking on lead vocals as well as guitar duties - and founder member Jordan Brown. Guitar-led progressive rock with strong melodies that you'll be humming all the way home. 

The Far Meadow are no strangers to the live progressive scene, and with their latest album 'Given The Impossible' they've finally captured the excitement of their incendiary shows in recorded form. Eliot Minn's Jobsonesque keyboard stylings, together with Marguerita Alexandrou's crystal clear voice and Denis Warren's stylish, passionate guitar, all underpinned by Keith Buckman and Paul Bringloe's rock-solid rhythm section all combine in what is sure to be a stellar performance. 

Konchordat have established a solid following on the South East live scene, and with their third album 'Rise To The Order' they've proved their credentials as perhaps the top heavy prog band in the UK. Stuart Martin's passionate guitar and vocal delivery is at the core as ever, with founder member Steve Cork and the two Neils - Hayman and Watts - holding it all together with power and style. You'll leave the show with their riffs and melodies locked in your memory for days. 

Come and join the party!'

26th September 2016

Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce that preorders for 'Given The Impossible', the new album from London melodic prog outfit The Far Meadow, are now available!

The Far Meadow is the product of several previous collaborations, combining influences from bands past and genres from metal to jazz with a healthy dose of innovation that has produced a distinctive, free-flowing sound. This new album – the first with the current lineup - is a full-blooded expression of this sound, developing many years of musical experience and experimentation into one harmonious whole that encapsulates the intensity of their explosive live performances.

David Elliott of BEM says: “Since seeing them at Resonance, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what The Far Meadow have to offer, and suffice it to say I haven’t been disappointed. This is a wholly unique album with a brilliant sound and I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did!”

'Given The Impossible' releases on 4th November 2016. Order your copy now from the BEM Music store and you get an immediate download of the track 'Dinosaurs':


13th June 2016


Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce the latest addition to their lineup, London-based melodic prog outfit The Far Meadow.

The Far Meadow emerged from several previous collaborations, combining those influences with a healthy dose of innovation that has produced a distinctive, free-flowing sound. Their upcoming album, 'Given The Impossible' - the first since their debut in 2012 - encapsulates this essence into a collection of sharp, diverse songs representing a wide range of styles and influences.

"The band is brimming with enthusiasm at the prospect of teaming up with the Bad Elephants for 'Given The Impossible'", says keyboardist Eliot Minn. "We love that they're so adventurous, and so diverse in their roster. Signing to BEM is the best thing that's happened for us so far, and we're looking to plough a fertile furrow with David and his excellent team͟".

David Elliott of BEM adds: "I caught The Far Meadow at Resonance and thought they were one of the standout acts. We’re absolutely delighted to welcome them to the family, and look forward to showing you what they have to offer!"

'Given The Impossible' is scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2016.

26th March 2016

It may be early this year, but nevertheless the easter weekend has caught up on us very quickly. We very much enjoyed playing at DanFestV in December, our first time at The Musician and it was a terrific weekend. We are recording more songs for the album, which is planned for release this Autumn, and recently played most of the material live at the Tooting Tram and Social a couple of weeks ago. Next up is Four Play Prog, where we'll be joining Kindred Spirit, Spriggan Mist and Quiet Wish at The Acoustic Couch in Bracknell on 9th April. And on 24th July, we're supporting Multi Story at The Robin 2 in Bilston.

26th July 2015

It was good to get back together again after a few weeks' break. Our forthcoming EP (or is it a mini-album?) is making good progress. We still have some tracks to lay, but even with some of the original cue tracks we think it is starting to sound pretty epic. We're looking forward to playing at The Bedford Rocks in August and have just been invited to join the line-up for the Four Play Rock Festival next April. 

14th May 2015

We are delighted to be joining a terrific line-up at this year's Danfest at The Musician, Leicester:

Friday 4th December doors 6.30 pm: Lifesigns, Tin Spirits, Indigo Child

Saturday 5th December doors 12.30 pm: Karnataka, Multi Story, Unto Us, 
The Far Meadow, The Amber Herd 

4th December 2014

We are very much looking forward to playing at Midwinter Madness on 21st December. Those of you who've seen us play recently will have heard a couple of new and so far unrecorded additions to our repertoire. 

A Gentle Warrior commemorates the work of the Wrens (WRNS) who operated the Bombe machines at Bletchley Park. They made an inestimable contribution to the protection of merchant shipping during the desperate struggle that was the First Battle of the Atlantic by decoding Naval Enigma messages, enabling the Allied forces to take countermeasures against enemy U-boats. It must have been strange their knowing the tedious work was both vital to the war effort and highly secret, but without their realising its consequences at the time. At the end of the song, if we all stop together we have successfully decrypted the day's code!

Flashmob is an adventure story about a high achieving individual who sets herself the ultimate challenge of climbing to the peak of Mount Everest. In the Death Zone, with limited oxygen and rapidly deteriorating conditions, she finds she is not alone...

30th October 2014

We will be performing an awesome set in conjunction with a Handan Productions play entitled "The Love Shack" at:

Theatro Technis
Crowndale Rad, 
Camden Town (next to Coco's)


Tues Nov 4th (Press Night)
Friday Nov 14th
Saturday Nov 15th 
Friday Nov 21st

All shows start at 7.30pm

‘The Love Shack’ by Daniel Ward Garber is a dramatic thriller set in a derelict bar (of the same name) in Los Angeles 1994. The play details the events that lead a group of friends to turn on each other following the unexpected death of one of the bar’s patrons. It’s a fast paced, tense explosive thriller. The theatre is transformed into ‘The Love Shack’ and the audience sit in the set with the play unfolding around them.

After the play’s conclusion the theatre turns into a working bar with a live band for the audience to enjoy, the idea being the evening is more of an event than just a trip to the theatre.

Tickets for "The Far Meadow" + "The Love Shack" can be purchased atwww.Handanproductions.co.uk

2nd August 2014

We had a terrific time at the Resonance Rock Festival. Read all about it in Martin Hutchinson's excellent account of this truly memorable event:

16th March 2014

After a long search, we are delighted to introduce our new singer, Marguerita Alexandrou. We are currently working on our live set, which includes familiar material from Where Joys Abound and a couple of songs from the Blind Panic days, and of course some new material. We are also very much looking forward to playing at the Resonance Rock Festival on 2nd August.

22nd January 2014


2013 was an odd year for The Far Meadow, most of which was spent without a singer and, correspondingly, no gigs to promote the release of our debut album Where Joys Abound. Our profound thanks are due to a terrific singer, great bloke and familiar face on the prog circuit, who contributed a lot of time and energy helping us out last year - you know who you are :-) We would also like to thank those who expressed interest in joining us and preparing for auditions. We wish you all well in your future endeavours.

It was however a creative year, and the four of us have been working on material for the next album, which we are all very excited about. 

2013 concluded with much promise and we will be making an announcement about our new singer in the near future, so watch this space!

25th November 2012


Our first album, Where Joys Abound, will be released digitally on 12th December 2012 (remember 121212) . We have free pre-release downloads available on our Bandcamp website:

(PS We're still looking for a singer)

Announcement posted 9th October 2012

Hi Far Meadowists everywhere.

After the deepest diatribe, discussions and dialogue, consultations, conferences and confessionals, our long-serving lyricist, rhetorician and lead vocalist Nok has decided to leave The Far Meadow to devote more time to personal projects.

Nok, his wonderful warblings, lyrical lovelinesses and general personhood will be missed, but we all feel sure his talent will carry him on from The Far Meadow to new, and perhaps equally fertile pastures. We wish our friend well, wherever he lands, in the fabulous future that awaits him.

Coming back to now, and in beginning our own new chapter without pause, The Far Meadow is looking for an accomplished and distinctive singer-songwriter, man, woman or beast. We need above all an engaging stage performer. And while it's no deal clincher, you may also be someone who adds an instrumental skill to our impressive ensemble.

We need you to commit to learning our current set, and you must be available for London-area rehearsals (usually on a Saturday or a Sunday). We need to know that you share our insatiable desire to work live, especially with regard to the promotion of our first album Where Joys Abound, and that you'll be just as passionate to begin creating and recording the next one. 

If the musical idyll that is The Far Meadow appeals to you, then we want to hear from you ASAP. Contact us now to leave your details, links to recordings, or to arrange a meeting:            thefarmeadow@gmail.com   

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